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  1. Glasses and Stuff
    I got me some glasses!
  2. Ice Bucket Challenge
    Done and donated! Sorry about the neighbours dog barking.
  3. Movies
    Movies - I'm going to be talking to you lot about my personal top 5 movies.
  4. Video Title
    Building with Lego - This is my least entertaining video to date! I had some spare time during the day on a Saturday and wanted to build some Lego.
  5. Conversations
    Conversations - Marshall is joining me in the garage today for a little chat.
  6. Drivetime
    Drivetime - Join me on my commute home from work for a nice chat.
  7. Video Title
    Shopping - Join me as I buy stuff
  8. Introductions
    My first YouTube Video
  9. My first time
    It's not what you think it is people!
  10. Getting analytical
    Getting Analytical - Who visits my channel? Here (in this video) is all the information you need!
  11. Superstitions
    Superstitions - Some people let these things rule life. Don't let the superstitions win!
  12. Worst. Video. Ever
    Worst, Video. Ever - Watch it and trust me, I'm not lying to you! I have no idea why I even posted this trash. Maybe in the hope that somebody out there will enjoy it.
  13. Q&A - First Edition
    All answers were correct at the time of filming :)
  14. Disney Fan
    Disney Fan - I love Disney and everything about it from the Movies to the Theme Parks.
  15. Technological Advances
    Technological Advances - Watch me ramble on about how things have changed because of technology and the Internet :)
  16. Things that annoy me
    Things that annoy me, here is a just a few of them.
  17. Flashbackisode
    Flashbackisode - I had a little clear out of my external HDD and found these hidden gems!
  18. Me and my croaky voice
    I had a bad throat, thought it would be a good video